Virtual office solutions

Virtual office solutions

Virtual office solutions for the global economy

We live and work in a global economy. This means that for many companies and individuals, the constraints of a traditional static office for business and related permanent staff are inconvenient and often unmanageable. Virtual offices offer a modern and flexible method of dealing with day to day accounting, reporting, administration and secretarial needs whilst also giving businesses the contact address, email address and phone links that they need to operate in today’s busy and demanding sectors.

At Skyteller, we believe in the importance of delivering reliable virtual office facilities which allow our clients access to all of the processes available in a static office including the use of a prominent business address. These services are monitored by experienced and specifically trained personnel and include:

Call answering services

Our state-of-the-art customer service centre allows direct dial calls to be answered using a bespoke business message that can be adjusted daily to deliver different messages as appropriate. Our operators act a type of call triage and will either direct a call to a number of your choice, deliver an allocated message or take a message.

Post forwarding and acceptance services

A postal address is a vital aspect of our virtual office provision. Our mail acceptance service logs incoming mail and measures this against corresponding outgoing mail. Mail is opened by a trained operator and dealt with appropriately. This may involve scanning and sending electronic copies of mail or sending mail on to a designated postal address.

Fax and voicemail facilities

As well as post and phone redirection facilities, we can also redirect faxes and accept and resend voice mail messages from all over the world.

Office space solutions

Of course, there may be occasions when you require a business office or meeting space in which to greet clients or spend some consolidated time with your business. Should this be the case, Skyteller are able to provide you with fully-equipped touchdown offices or conference rooms with internet and broadband services for you to use as required.

The advantages of using a virtual office

Even for those whose business communities are in the UK, the facilities a virtual corporate office can provide offer a cost effective and efficient method of dealing with customer and stakeholder enquiries. With a virtual office you can cut your commute times down to the time it takes you to open the door of your home office, and you will have the flexibility to deal with family issues or business emergencies without worrying about answering important phone calls. Virtual offices are also a financially sound option. With vastly reduced premises and technology outlays they represent a significant decrease in overheads.

At Skyteller, we deliver a wide range of corporate operation solutions. We believe in listening to our clients and providing the services that they require rather than those that suit us. The virtual office is a great solution for employers and employees alike. When the emphasis for achievement shifts from attendance at a static office to completion of goals via a virtual office, there can be no doubt that there will be a corresponding increase in productivity.

The business landscape is changing and we at Skyteller predict that we will soon see a proliferation of sole-traders, entrepreneurs and startups join the ranks of larger organisations who have realised that the virtual office is the office of both the present and the future.